What is NDIS Plan Management?

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An NDIS Plan Manager is your personal bookkeeper

NDIS Plan Management means you have a third party manages your NDIS funding and payments. Plan Managers keep records, pay Service Providers, track budgets and manage NDIS compliance requirements.

We are YOUR personal bookkeepers. With Trinity Plan Management you still have complete control of your NDIS plan so you can choose your Service Providers and how much you want to spend on your services, but we take care of the paperwork, so you have time to do the things you love.

You are in control of your NDIS funding

You are always in control of your plan spending. We can help you by:

  • Receiving invoices from your Service Providers so you don’t have to deal with bills
  • Accessing your funding via the NDIS portal and paying Service Providers on your behalf
  • Tracking expenses within each of the categories of funding in your plan so you don’t over or underspend
  • Keeping you informed of how much you have in the plan at any one time so you can make better decisions
  • Maintaining audit trails for NDIS compliance
  • Liaising with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) where needed
  • Working with Support Coordinators (if you have one) to help them get the most out of funding

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Our NDIS support and management lets you spend more time on what matters

How much does NDIS Plan Management cost?

There’s no cost to you. The NDIA (the government agency responsible for NDIS) pays for our fees which means there’s no cost to you and your NDIS budget is not impacted.

Plan Management does not reduce the funding you are allocated for your other supports, which means you are free to focus on getting the most out of your budget to help you do the things you love.

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